Volunteer with us!

We'd love your help! Everything you need is below.

1 Take the 6-minute online training

Training helps you avoid common mistakes.

English: Signature gathering training

Cantonese: 收集罢免教育委员签名的培训教程

2 Get your canvassing kit

Come pick up your canvassing kit (clipboard, flyer, badges, petitions, t-shirt).

Email us your t-shirt size and when you can drop into 572 Haight to pick up. (Or, let us know where you're volunteering & we'll get your kit there.)

3 Get signatures

...at a farmers markets and supermarkets and local festivals

We've had great results at farmers markets -- now we need to expand out to more farmers markets, with more volunteers at each site.

Sign up to join a team at markets & festivals
...and the site lead or Ellie will be in touch.

Canvassing at the Castro farmers market.

...on your own at the post office / DMV / Sunday brunch lines

We'd like to have people all over the city, wherever people are gathering. Grab a friend and collect signatures!

...or get signatures on your own from friends and family and neighbors

When you're done...

Drop off your petitions at

572 Haight St
San Francisco, CA 94117

OR mail them to

150 Post St, Suite 405
San Francisco, CA 94108

You can also drop them off at any petition-gathering site on our map.

Stuff you can print at home
Flyer | Petitions |  Badges
(print petitions at 100% size or they won't count)

Petitions with instructions

(print double-sided, 100% size)
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