SF Guardians: We recalled the school board

Don't choose Alida Fisher for SF school board

Before you vote for SF school board 2022... there's something you ought to know.

School board candidate Alida Fisher is aligned with the folks we just recalled

As you can see in our candidate comparison chart, SF Board of Education candidate Alida Fisher holds the same policy positions as SF school board members Gabriela López and Alison Collins, who were recalled by over 70% of voters in a special election in 2022.   

--- Alida Fisher was in favor of the SF school board's delayed school reopening, even as the school board saw significant learning loss for underprivileged kids.

--- She was in favor of the SF school board's decision to paint over historic murals, a decision that cost our schools half a million dollars in legal fees.

-- In her campaign kickoff for the last election, Alida Fisher considered herself part of Team Collins.

She supported Collins even after her $87M lawsuit

Alida Fisher actively fought the recall of López and Collins in the 2022 school board recall election, even after Collins sued our schools for $87 million. She spoke on a zoom call to rally the troops to keep Collins in charge.

And the Democratic club she runs, the District 11 Democratic Club, was one of only TWO to back Collins in the recall election.

Alida Fisher doesn't support accelerated options for kids

--- Alida Fisher stood with the SF school board in making Lowell admissions a lottery, with no consideration of whether a student can do the work.

--- She said, "gifted programs scare me" in a candidate interview. She does not support grouping kids by ability.

--- Alida Fisher will not bring back algebra for 8th graders even though that keeps students from reaching the advanced math courses needed to be competitive for UC system admission (question 21. Note that the current SFUSD math curriculum does NOT allow 8th graders to take algebra. If they want 8th grade algebra, they have to pay for outside algebra classes on their own time -- which only rich families can do).

Impractical solutions to real problems

Last time she ran for school board, when the district was facing a multimillion dollar budget gap, school board candidate Alida Fisher suggested funding schools in part by defunding the police (page 22).

Regardless of what you think of defunding the police, the school board does not have jurisdiction over the police budget. Impractical ideas like this one take away our focus on practical solutions for the serious problems facing our district.

Vote the sensible choice: the appointees Ann, Lainie, & Lisa

-- There are three seats open for school board, so you get to choose three candidates.

-- We recommend Ann, Lainie, and Lisa, who were appointed after the recall to fix our schools.

--- They're doing the boring things like balancing the budget and making sure kids can read. They've also hired a new superintendent who is focused on student outcomes. The process of fixing our schools has just begun. Let's keep moving forward!