Recall the School Board

THANK YOU for recalling the school board
and helping us recommend great candidates to the mayor
Two of YOUR candidates were appointed to the school board: 
Ann Hsu and Lainie Motamedi, along with Lisa Weissman-Ward
Would you do a good job on the school board?
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69% of SFUSD parents want the board recalled
Gabriela López
Board President


Alison Collins
Former VP


Fauuga Moliga
Former VP


Our schools are in crisis

Actually, three crises...
...and they were caused by the actions of this school board

Equity Crisis

Our school board wasted time renaming schools instead of reopening them. As a result, we were the last big city to reopen.

Our most disadvantaged kids fell farthest behind.

Our board has not acknowledged the 1.5 years of learning loss, let alone come up with plans to address it.

Budget Crisis

Enrollment dropped as families fled the district. This cost us millions in state funding.

Our budget deficit doubled to $125M+ under this board's leadership.

The school board ignored warnings about the budget deficit for over a year. Now the state may take over and teachers' jobs are at risk.

Leadership Crisis

Alison Collins made anti-Asian tweets, and sued our schools for $87 million. López stood with Collins and supported her lawsuit.

Our superintendent is leaving
because the board fired essential staff without consulting him, came to meetings unprepared, and didn't follow its own rules.

This same board will choose his replacement in June
... unless our recall succeeds.

We need leadership that puts students first.

San Francisco wants change

The Outer Sunset farmers' market team
Our grassroots force of 1000 volunteers and 80,000 signers triggered San Francisco's first recall election in decades.

Gaybraham Lincoln and Josephine Zhao hugging at 150 Post St.
The best city in the world deserves the best schools in the world.
We're here to make that happen.


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*López & Collins
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